Today the family went shoe shopping.  My wife, my youngest, and I needed sneakers.  My oldest needed a new pair of dress shoes for school.  I quickly found mine so I took my youngest to find hers.  After 15 minutes of "Daddy, which is prettier?" and "Do I have more clothes that are pink or white?" we found a pair of shoes.  Meanwhile my wife was still searching for the right pair of sneakers.  I took my oldest daughter over to look for dress shoes for school.  Of course, being 9 and a half, she thinks she is much older than she actually is, and looked right at shoes with heels.  Now, I don't mean 2+ inch heals, but half inch and one inch heels.  She liked a pair of patent leather shoes with a 1 inch heel.  Now, as a Dad, my first reaction is to say, "No, you are too young for heels, you need to pick something without a heel".  But, I have learned over the years that I need to give my children some space.  My plan was to let her put them on and then hope she would decide that she didn't want them, or I could "steer" her in that direction.  She tried them on and her heels kept slipping out.  She was starting to tell me she didn't want them when my wife came over and told her that she had to pick another pair.  I told her that I planned on that she would be picking another pair, but I wanted to let her try on what she wanted.  My wife looked at me and chuckled, "Oh, so I have to come over and be the bad guy?"  We both laughed and picked out different shoes.  All this before a fun filled day of Soccer games.

Tonight I, and some of my guildmates from  DDO, were on The Grey Area Podcast with Jenesee Grey.  I am going to be doing a segment for her shoe starting next week, like the ones I do on DDOCast and DDOCocktailHour.  She produces a very professional podcast and I recommend you to check it out.  I really appreciate that she mentioned this site, blog, and podcast during the recording of hers.  The only drawback of is that I cannot track how many times the podcast has been listened to/downloaded.  I will assume more than a couple have listened, but I wish I had some real numbers.  Thanks again Jenesee for the chance to have people hear about my website and content.  And thank you to all that have supported me thus far.