On Saturday I was in the Wedding party for my friends Jen and Mark.  Their wedding was beautiful.  They are so perfect for eachother, and I wish them allt he blessings and good luck possible.  Last year Mark asked me to be in the wedding and I was honored and excited.  But, over the past couple of years I have not been a good friend to he or Jen.  Jen has 3 children from a previous relationship and she and Mark have a beautiful daughter together.  They live a few block from me, but I had not been to their house till the day of the wedding.  In life, you want your children to be exposed to the best things possible and that includes people.  I have hid behind the excuse of being busy and not made time to spend with Jen and Mark.  I am no longer going to do so.  It is now a priority for me to expose my children to such a great family, and I am sure they will learn great things from being around them. 

I wish I had read this in the parent's handbook...Oh, wait, there isn't one. LOL