My wife finally made it home, and we were overjoyed.  I have to give tons of credit to those single parents out there.  It is more difficult than anyone can imagine, unless you have to do it.

My oldest daughter has been sick, and after my Mother-In-Law took her to the doctors While I was at work, it was discovered she had Foot in Mouth Disease.  If anyone is familiar with that, it is a virus that has been around forever, but is not as common now adays.  With mouth sores, skin rashes, and a host of other symptoms; it is hard to watch your child go through any sickness, but one that impedes speech, walking, manipulating things with your hands, and swallowing makes it worse.  To make it even worse, my youngest caught it too.  A sick, almost 5 year old, is no fun at all.

Information about Foot in Mouth Disease: