I was secretly dreading last night (Thursday).  I had my first Religious Education class, and we also have Girl Scouts.  Being a co-leader was something I wasn't worried about.  But being a Religious Education teacher was something I was unsure of.  I teach a group of 5th graders (10-11 year olds) and I was not sure what to expect.  I did introductions, set up the rules, and then we talked.  They of course didn't like the rules of no cell phones, even though I showed them that I kept my phone in my pocket so I expected them to do the same.  I explained to them if they showed me respect, I would show them the same.  And if we worked hard on the lessons we would have more time for some parties for the Holidays and Birthdays. 

Our discussions turned to religious subjects and it lasted until class was over.  It mean a lot to me when more than one of the children came up to me, shook my had, and said "That was fun.  I enjoyed it, and learned something."  Maybe I am meant for this.   I am a little worried about the spring though.  Then I am also going to be coaching Little League Baseball.  I will keep up with the blog, probably annoyingly so.  And the podcast might become a podcast on the move; being recorded on a digital recorder.  Maybe even live at one of my volunteer jobs, lol.