My youngest daughter came up to me the other day and asked, "Daddy, when are you going to Heaven?  I want to know before you go.  I will miss you so much and I will cry forever."  I was surprised and said, "Dear, we don't know when we are going to Heaven.  It happens when it is time.  Just always remember I am proud of you, I will always love you, and..." (pointing at her heart) "...I will always be here with you."  Her tears turned into a smile and she said, "Good, because you can't go to Heaven until you are a Pop-Pop!!" and ran off.

This happened during a day when I was really behind schedule.  I am late putting out my second podcast and segments for some others.  My construction on my house is falling behind, and I don't seem to have enough time to do anything. 

This discussion about Heaven,
Part of the reason I don't blog everyday is that my schedule makes it difficult to make time to do so.  With my wife working 1.5 jobs and getting her Master's Degree.  With that, I am doing more than just "helping around the house".  I play Mr. Mom, which I actually enjoy.  I do the wash, cooking, homework with the kids, soccer, girl scouts, and then all the Dad stuff like the landscaping, home repairs, and opening pickle jars.  It is hard sometimes, but we get through it.  I know it's harder for my wife because she is sacrificing time with the girls to improve our family's future.  So, as you can see, my schedule is very tight and difficult to fit things in.  I have time set aside each week for the eventual podcast.  I am unhappy that I am already a week behind, since I wanted to have it out already.  But I will keep my chin up and push forward.  The show notes are done, and I just need to record.  Really hoping tonight is the night after the kids head to bed.  I might even have it up by friday. 

I have a question for all of my 1 regular blog reader (lol, Skaggy you rock) and anyone else that has tripped across the site.  Do you want me to limit the podcasts to a story, a segment (if I have one), and "Dad News"?  I am not going to have a Blog Podcast, so the information covered will not be an extension of my blog here.  I want to cover the general populace.  Please send me any suggestions you may have.