Did you ever experience what I did Saturday morning?  You stay up a little too late Friday night, but you are ok with it because you can sleep in on Saturday.  Well, if you are me that doesn't happen.  My girls are like me and wake up at the same time every day without an alarm clock.  So, at about 6:45 a.m. they are awake no matter what day it is.  So after staying up past 2 a.m., I was not surprised to be woked up at 6:30 a.m. by the girls wanted to know what I was making them for breakfast.  Saturday morning is my day to make special breakfasts for them.  My wife works overnights at a hospital so she gets home around then, I make breakfast, and we eat together before she heads to bed.  We sneak in family time when we can, lol.  So, there was no sleeping in for me.  My girls are 9 and almost 5, they are very self-sufficient for breakfast.  Maybe if I leave them a note that I want to sleep in they might just make it themselves, hmmmmmm.  Will have to try that.

Soccer was interesting.  My little one ran around and had lots of fun.  I was very proud of her when she was sitting on the sideline.  All the other kids were playing with the cones and putting them on their heads.  Not my little one, she not only watched the game and cheered her team, but she kept fixing the cones when the other kids threw them on the ground.  My oldest did well, she played defense most of the game.  I was really proud of both of them.  I asked my youngest if she had won (they don't keep score for that age) and she said she didn't know.  I told her, "As long as you try your hardest and have fun you are a winner."  She smiled and ran over to my wife, gave her a high five, and said "Mommy, I am a winner!"  It was really cute.

Ok, I wanted to record my iniitial podcast this weekend, but i ran out of time.  I am trying to plan something really solid, and am hoping to get it recorded over the next two day.  Everytime I come up with show notes, I rewrite them.  I need to stop being so anal.  Oh, and there will be a surprise segment for my first cast.  Thanks Skaggy!!!

I have been blogged about my issues with soccer my town for my children.  I think I have officially hit the wall of unhappiness.  I was looking over the rules of my 9 year old's league last night and found some items that made me very unhappy.

 Notes for coaches

 Good sportsmanship, fun and learning are a priority

 Players can be substituted on either teams goal kick or your own throw in

No scores kept

 We have a 6 goal deficit rule, meaning no team should beat another team by more than 6 goals.

o You can remove players

o Shoot wide of the goal

o Pass the ball around

o Make the other teams keeper look good, pass the ball to him

o SUGGESTION is to start to put restrictions on your players after being up by 3 goals, things like have to pass 5 times. Don’t blow another team out.

Now, I agree that you shouldn't blow the other team out.  I also agree that you should work on different fundamentals like passing and such instead of going for a score right away.  But really, my children are going to learn things I don't want them to. 
1.  Don't try your hardest all the time.
2.  Winning is not a reward for hard work.
3.  Losing is not a reason to try harder to improve yourself and your team.
I don't want any children to feel like they are a failure, and I also don't want children to feel like they need to be super competitive.  But, how is my daughter going to have the drive to improve unless she faces adversity and doesn't win?  How is she going to learn to be a gracious "loser" and congratulate the other team for a good win unless she is on the losing end of the equation?  Also, how is she supposed to feel accomplishment for hard work and practice unless she wins.  And, how is she supposed to learn to be a good sport and congratulate the losing team on a great effort unless she is on the winning side?

I have coached Little League Baseball for a long time, and we do have these rules in place for 5 and 6 year olds; these rules don't exist at 9.  I know football doesn't run by these rules at the same age.  Neither does, basketball, wrestling, or softball.  I just don't agree with it at all. 

My not of Facebook can be viewed here:  http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=10150275875048316&refid=7

Last night my oldest had her first soccer practice.  Even though my wife had spoken to the coach, and notified him that it was my oldest's first year, I was met with disdain when I didn't show up totally prepared.  Apparently, I needed to have soccer socks, a size 4 ball, and shin guards.  I assumed we needed cleats and already had purchased them.  I was a little upset that we never received a list of equipment to have, but it was assumed I would have all the equipment she needed.  It was a nightmare.  There isn't even a schedule or uniforms yet.  And my youngest doesn't have practice yet because there isn't a coach.  I wish they would be organized like Little League Baseball so all of these issue wouldn't exist.

My girls were making chalk drawings on the sidewalk yesterday while I cut the grass.  They apparently left the chalk outside the front door, and my wife asked them to clean it up this morning before I took them to daycare.  I was getting dressed so my wife told them to stay near the front door since I was still inside.  I finished getting dressed, grabbed my truck keys, and opened the door to find two soaking wet kids.  Apparently, my oldest decided since they cleaned up the chalk so fast she would "water Mommy's flowers".  Well, watering flowers became a water fight with the hose and the girls laughing about how much they were squirting eachother.  I put on a serious face, all the while laughing on the inside, and told them to go get changed that we didn't have time this morning to play.  The each went to their rooms and got changed in record time.  Then they  ran out to the truck and buckled in without a word.  On the way to daycare my youngest asked, "Daddy, are you mad at us?"  I laughed and said, "No, dear, I am not mad at either of you.  I used to squirt Uncle Aaron with the hose all the time."  The girls laughed the whole way to daycare.  They enjoy the fact that my brother Aaron and I are about the same age difference as the two of them, so they know I can relate to them.
Today started as a fun day.  It was very cool outside last night and we had the windows opend due to a beautiful day yesterday.  This morning I was awoken by both of my girls, "Daddy, we are cold.  Can we cuddle with you?"  I grumbled something I can't even remember and they crawled under the blankets with me.  My wife was up early for work so they like to sneak in and cuddle with Daddy on those mornings.  Next thing I know I am 15 minutes late getting up and we were in instantly into "Hurry Mode" as my youngest calls it.  We got out the door in time.  On our way to my Mother-In-Law's, who is their daycare, my oldest said, "Daddy, you are the best.  I bet not all kids get to have cuddle time with their Daddy.  I love you Daddy!"  I was so happy, and it was well worth the loss of some sleep to know my kids look at me with such high praise.

Tonight is my oldest's first soccer practice.  I admit, I am not a soccer fan, but I will be there screaming my head off in praise and support for her and her team.  The fun part will be that my youngest is playing too.  Which means no rhyme or reason, just a bunch of 4 year olds chasing a ball around the field.  Lol

And now to address the "Humble" in the title.  Now, I have spoken about Skaggy the Poet in a previous post.  He just posted his 100th Blog Post, Congratulations Skaggy!  The humble part is that he wrote a poem about me.  Please follow Skaggy's Blog.  He is a great family man with many insightful and witty things to say about the world.  http://skaggythepoet.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/a-big-thank-you/

On a side note; the wheels of progress are turning.  I have been working on getting my information together about podcasting, web-hosting and such.  If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the help.  I am hoping to get the first podcast recorded in September.