I have been blogged about my issues with soccer my town for my children.  I think I have officially hit the wall of unhappiness.  I was looking over the rules of my 9 year old's league last night and found some items that made me very unhappy.

 Notes for coaches

 Good sportsmanship, fun and learning are a priority

 Players can be substituted on either teams goal kick or your own throw in

No scores kept

 We have a 6 goal deficit rule, meaning no team should beat another team by more than 6 goals.

o You can remove players

o Shoot wide of the goal

o Pass the ball around

o Make the other teams keeper look good, pass the ball to him

o SUGGESTION is to start to put restrictions on your players after being up by 3 goals, things like have to pass 5 times. Don’t blow another team out.

Now, I agree that you shouldn't blow the other team out.  I also agree that you should work on different fundamentals like passing and such instead of going for a score right away.  But really, my children are going to learn things I don't want them to. 
1.  Don't try your hardest all the time.
2.  Winning is not a reward for hard work.
3.  Losing is not a reason to try harder to improve yourself and your team.
I don't want any children to feel like they are a failure, and I also don't want children to feel like they need to be super competitive.  But, how is my daughter going to have the drive to improve unless she faces adversity and doesn't win?  How is she going to learn to be a gracious "loser" and congratulate the other team for a good win unless she is on the losing end of the equation?  Also, how is she supposed to feel accomplishment for hard work and practice unless she wins.  And, how is she supposed to learn to be a good sport and congratulate the losing team on a great effort unless she is on the winning side?

I have coached Little League Baseball for a long time, and we do have these rules in place for 5 and 6 year olds; these rules don't exist at 9.  I know football doesn't run by these rules at the same age.  Neither does, basketball, wrestling, or softball.  I just don't agree with it at all. 

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08/26/2011 06:47

You make an interesting point here. When I was at school we had annual sporting events where we reprsented our school house against children of the same age but someone in their infinite wisdom decided houses were too competative so they were abandoned.

The replacement was that school year competed against school year. Needless to say the elder children in the fifth form won the majority of events while the youngest in the first year struggled !

07/11/2012 13:11

nice post


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