Last night my oldest had her first soccer practice.  Even though my wife had spoken to the coach, and notified him that it was my oldest's first year, I was met with disdain when I didn't show up totally prepared.  Apparently, I needed to have soccer socks, a size 4 ball, and shin guards.  I assumed we needed cleats and already had purchased them.  I was a little upset that we never received a list of equipment to have, but it was assumed I would have all the equipment she needed.  It was a nightmare.  There isn't even a schedule or uniforms yet.  And my youngest doesn't have practice yet because there isn't a coach.  I wish they would be organized like Little League Baseball so all of these issue wouldn't exist.

My girls were making chalk drawings on the sidewalk yesterday while I cut the grass.  They apparently left the chalk outside the front door, and my wife asked them to clean it up this morning before I took them to daycare.  I was getting dressed so my wife told them to stay near the front door since I was still inside.  I finished getting dressed, grabbed my truck keys, and opened the door to find two soaking wet kids.  Apparently, my oldest decided since they cleaned up the chalk so fast she would "water Mommy's flowers".  Well, watering flowers became a water fight with the hose and the girls laughing about how much they were squirting eachother.  I put on a serious face, all the while laughing on the inside, and told them to go get changed that we didn't have time this morning to play.  The each went to their rooms and got changed in record time.  Then they  ran out to the truck and buckled in without a word.  On the way to daycare my youngest asked, "Daddy, are you mad at us?"  I laughed and said, "No, dear, I am not mad at either of you.  I used to squirt Uncle Aaron with the hose all the time."  The girls laughed the whole way to daycare.  They enjoy the fact that my brother Aaron and I are about the same age difference as the two of them, so they know I can relate to them.


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