Had a fun weekend of cutting grass and helping my brother reorganize his storage space.  He is moving next month and I have earned a reputation as the Tetris furniture expert.  I am not a huge Simpsons fan, but the scene about packing makes me laugh at the similarities.  

  I got an unexpected shout out from the before mentioned, Skaggy the Poet, on his podcast Skagtravaganza(http://skaggythepoet.wordpress.com/skagtraviaganza/) and on his Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/skaggy_the_poet).  Thanks again, mate.

Sunday has been a great day.  Spent the morning playing Dungeons and Dragons Online "DDO" with my oldest (Age 9).  Our Cleric and Fighter Combo is reaching level 3.  Went out to buy soccer cleats, got some fish, picked up dinner, and came home.  The Phillies had a rain delay so it's as if they waited for me to get home to watch the game.  As we were leaving Wawa (Major gas station/convenience store) I opened the door for my youngest (5 in October) and said, "Here you go Madam"  She ran to my driver's side door, opened it, and said, "Here you go Sir"  She is so cute.  Hope you had a good weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.

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