I came across some pictures, yes those old things people used to have developed at a little kiosk in the middle of a parking lot, and it brought me back.  I found pics of my birth, my toddler years, and all the way up through high school.  It made me wonder if any of the small stuff I experienced would be something my children would want to know.  Ironically, I was buying tile at the local Habitat for Humanities store for my basement (after the flooding I am not putting carpet down again) and I found a book.  It is titled "Dad, Share Your Life With Me..." written by Kathleen Lashier.  This book has a page for each calendar day that asks questions about your life, you fill in the answer, and I assume give it to your children when it is done.  A lot of the questions are really obscure, but interesting.  First fight, first girlfriend, best birthday party, best gift, and so on.  Really worth picking up on Amazon.  They also have them for Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa.  I am going to be buying these for my family.  I am the family geneologist and "Keeper of the Family Tree", and have the family tree book.  I have traced my Grandfather "Lynch" 7 gereations back to a genereation back in Ireland where we come from a line of bards that roamed the land for food and shelter in exchange for news and stories, my birth name "Garcia" 5 generations back from me to the Philippines, and my adopted name "Maskery" 21 generations back to Jolly Old England who accompanied William the Conquerer (or William the Bastard) with his Norman invasion of England as butchers and bakers.

My oldest, 9 years old, decide last year to start writing down all the stories I tell.  My stories range as far back as stories that my Great-Great Grandfather would tell to my very own.  I was raised, I guess, in the old bardic tradition; but she has taken it to a new level in the 21st century.  She digitally records me telling a story, saves it on her computer, and documents it in a journal.  I am proud that she is continuing the family tradition.  I am sure it will make a few friends of mine happy too, such as Skaggy, Gary, and Ruthie.  All from across the pond in England, and all bards in their own right.  (Links at the end of the blog) 

It makes me happy to know that these stories will not end with me, and will continued to be passed to a "bard" in each generation.

Gary and Ruth:  http://celticmythpodshow.com/
Skaggy: http://skaggythepoet.wordpress.com/
Kathleen Lashier: http://www.mymemoryjournals.com/index.shtml


09/08/2011 14:57

So " barding " runs in the family, why am I not surprised. Love the idea of what your eldest is doing that is going to be such a great record that will just grow and grow.

09/08/2011 16:30

Fabulous! Adan the Bard! Bring on the stories. What a wonderful legacy to leave your children, and your great grandchildren, and your great great ..... :) Give those two beautiful girls a hug from us, and take one for yourself and Kristi. Love Ruthie (& Gary) xx


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